Learn How To Get A Bail Bond To Get A Loved One Out Of Jail

Being arrested and jailed for an extended period of time can be devastating to a family. If someone is arrested, a judge may set a bail amount so that they can be released from jail until they are scheduled to be seen in court. This allows them to be able to work to support their family until they have to be seen in court. Getting a bail bond for someone that has been arrested is not overly difficult to do. The guide below walks you through the steps to take to get the bond quickly and easily.

Find Out What the Bail Amount Is

The first thing you need to do is to find out how much the bail is set at. You can often call the jail where your loved one is being detained to find out what the bail amount is. The amount may seem quite high, but it is important to realize that you may be able to get a bail bond for the bail in order to have your loved one released.

Visit a Bail Bondsman

Next, you will need to visit a bail bondsman to see if they will help you get the bail that you need for your loved one. The bondsman will need to know what your loved one is charged with and about any past criminal history that they have had. The bondsman assess if your loved one is a risky bond for them to make. If he or she flees before their court date, the bondsman will be responsible for the entire bail amount, which means that they will come after you for the money. If the bondsman does not view your loved one as a risk, they will let you know what form of collateral they need for the loan and how much your fees will be in order to get the bond.

Gather Proof of Your Collateral

Finally, you need to have something to put down as collateral for the bail bond. Vehicles, including cars, trucks, boats, or even motorcycles, can serve as great collateral for a bail bond. Homes and expensive jewelry can also be used. It is important to know that anything you plan to use a collateral for the bail bond must be owned outright. You cannot have a lien on the property in any way and the bondsman will hold onto the title for whatever you put down as collateral until after the court date has passed and all fees are paid.

Getting a bail bond is not overly difficult to do. It is important to note that you will be responsible for the money that is owed if the person chooses not to show up to court, so be sure that your loved one is trustworthy and would not leave you high and dry in order to save themselves from possible jail time.

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