5 Features To Look For In Venture Capital Partner Software

Setting up a venture capital partner portal is a great way for a company to connect with potential investors. You'll need the right venture capital partner software to do the job well, though. That means you need to be aware of what features work best for both you and possible investors. Companies should focus on these five.

Easy Branding

The software should make the full branding of the portal easy. You want to be able to configure colors, logos, and images across the portal so everything precisely matches your brand. Everything should also be consistent with your branding across social media platforms, websites, press releases, and letterhead.

Data Security Features

Once a partner commits to putting capital into your enterprise, you'll need to protect their data. Venture capital partners often put up serious money, and that makes portals major targets. High-grade encryption should be present for all data transfers and transactions. There should also be multi-factor authentication for all logins.

Information on Capital Accounts

Most investors will want to see capital account information. Likewise, they'll need to see significant details about the origination of the capital. You'll want to have as streamlined of a process as possible for releasing new information as it comes in, too. Reports should be available for export and download, and the best systems will automate as much of this as possible. The goal of a venture capital partner portal is to put as much information as possible in the hands of potential investors and those who already have money in the business.


Many firms work with multiple partners on multiple projects. If you run this sort of operation, you'll need a venture capital partner software package that can keep up. A good package should be able to list need offerings with ease and without creating conflicts with existing brands on the portal.

Similarly, the portal should provide sufficient support for offerings at all stages. Folks just getting off the ground shouldn't feel overwhelmed by the portal's features. At the same time, offerings moving into late-stage capital raising or preparing to go public should be underserved by features meant for bootstrapping.


While venture capital isn't always subject to the same compliance requirements as publicly listed securities are, there are still regulations. The portal should make it easy to provide compliance documents to regulators. Likewise, it should make the documents available to investors and prospects.

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