Why Your Radiation Oncology Clinic Should Outsource Billing

Do you run a radiation oncology clinic? Providing radiation treatment to people with cancer is hard but delicate work. You no doubt take pride in helping people fight for their lives. One part of your job you might not enjoy though could be the administrative duties like billing. If you want your staff to be able to focus on your patients without having to worry about much else, you may want to look into a radiation oncology billing service. Here's how outsourcing your billing can benefit everyone involved.

Coding for Cancer Treatment Can Be Complex 

Radiation treatment can involve a lot of steps. The patient might need to be on certain medications in preparation, you may need to take time to install an IV into their veins for the long term and you might be using multiple pieces of equipment when it comes time to apply the actual radiation depending on where the cancer is located. In other words, the coding or medical billing for cancer treatment can get complex quite quickly. Even if you have someone on staff with previous medical coding experience, they may not particularly enjoy trying to navigate the world of radiation oncology billing codes. You can outsource this task to a team of professionals and remove a hassle from your secretary's life.

You Can Let Someone Else Deal With the Insurance Companies

Things can also get complicated from an insurance standpoint when someone has cancer and needs radiation treatment. Different insurers might have different policies that require certain treatments to be billed in a certain way if the patient expects to be covered. A medical coding or billing company with expertise in oncology will already know most of the best practices and can hash it out with the insurance companies if needed so your patient doesn't have to worry about it.

Keep All Staff Members Free to Help Your Patients

Radiation oncology doctors and nurses are expected to have a great deal of empathy and kindness as they help people navigate difficult times in their lives. Having to have one or more staff members deal with billing is going to pull them right out of the state of mind you want them to be in. Outsourcing your medical billing keeps all hands on deck for every patient that comes through.

Keep Potential Billing Issues Out of Your Office

Because of the empathy requirements mentioned above, you also don't want a patient coming into your office yelling at you over a billing error. You want to be your patient's friend and let them know you are doing everything possible to help them beat cancer. If there's a billing problem, a dedicated billing or medical coding service can step in and that will help your own team stay out of it.

Contact radiation oncology billing services to learn more. 

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Do you run a radiation oncology clinic? Providing radiation treatment to people with cancer is hard but delicate work. You no doubt take pride in help